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ARAYA lab commitment:

Équité, diversité et inclusion
Equity, diversity and inclusion

We pledge to make our lab a welcoming place

to grow and thrive as students and professionals.



Our first step is to acknowledge and identify the barriers to an equitable, inclusive and diverse  environment  

Inclusion is an action that we take every day

in our interaction with others.


We want everybody to feel they belong

in our team, that they are treated fairly and respectfully.

We welcome traditionally underrepresented groups to fully participate in and become leaders in science


Everybody is different and these differences are our greatest strength.


Big scientific advances need different points of view: We need your point of view!


Scholarships available

 Inspire First Nations

LGBTQ2S+ Scholarship

Complete directory

Univerité de Montréal:

Les valeurs de diversité, d’équité et d’inclusion sont prioritaires pour notre université et nous abordons les enjeux qui en découlent

dans leur globalité.

500 Women Scientists MTL:

The Araya lab is a proud supporter of the Montreal chapter of the international organization 500 women scientist

""our mission is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, and accessible by fighting racism, patriarchy, and oppressive societal norms"

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Discussion starters:

from the ARAYAlab EDI discussions

1. Gender bias in (neuro)science: Facts, consequences, and solutions

 by Jessica Schrouff et al  link

2. Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Undergraduate Research Labs

 Afra Saeed Ahmad et al  link

Discover brilliance

Scientist with Microscope

A resource for journalists, educators, policy makers and others seeking the expertise of women and gender diverse STEMM professionals

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